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Experience Events and Festivals

Ilocos Norte doesn’t fall short of cultural events. Get an open house tour of the Capitol every February 2 during the province’s foundation...

Mar 24, 2017
by admin

Fun Under the Ilocos Sun

Don’t mind the heat of the sun, it’s all part of your Ilocos Norte experience! Visit our farms and experience how to farm dragon fruit, garlic,...

Mar 10, 2017
by admin

Eat & Shop

From tasty, crispy high-end cholesterol shots like empanada(filled pastry), bagnet(deep fried pork belly) and longganisa(sausage), to unique sweet...

by admin

Get Married

After you’ve said “Yes”, preparations for the wedding begin and you start thinking about your dreamy wedding hideaway. Ilocos Norte grants you...

by admin

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